Davido said all he gets day and night is hates and no support.

David Adeleke

David said all he gets day and night is hates and no support.

Because my father has money

David Adeleke has expressed his feelings towards the people within his network by saying that “all he gets day and night is hates because his father has money”.

According to him oo, apart from his brothers and sisters fans he mentioned every other person hates him, I don’t understand. Recently Burna boy boldly said that Nigerians; maybe including his brothers and sisters are now loving him because the rest of the world does, and I was like WTF, Oluwa Burna ni?

You know, as little as I can remember when the former P-square; 2baba and others collaborated with American based artistes we did not get these words, so am thinking that these guys are neglecting our little support because they think they are growing bigger than our ” little support”.

The thing weak me oo.

My point is that we really need to look into this matter oo because my people say “if bad thing reach one years, e don turn to tradition oo. So my question is

Do you think that these guys have

1 had lots of hate speeches

2 are not appreciative

3 are growing bigger than our support

4 are saying the wrong things to be on the news

5 are saying the truth

You can drop your own thoughts on this matter should not be neglected, else yabbing people will be trending…

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